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We are a totally independent experienced surveying and flood risk consultancy, committed to providing traditional surveying and technical advice. We have no relationship with any flood protection company or contractors, so any advice you receive with be totally independent, professional, pragmatic and appropriate. 

We are based in Yorkshire and offer a nationwide service


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We are a multi disciplinary consultancy specialising in flood risk management, flood protection, environmental studies and property surveys. All our advice is totally impartial and independent and we do not represent or work with any flood protection companies or others in this sector. The advice and recommendations that you receive from Warwick York is appropriate and relevant to your own circumstances since we always represent your interests
With over 50 years experience in the flood risk management and project management sectors we have developed into a market leading provider of impartial and independent advice in the flood risk sector. We produce surveys and other reports in the flood protection sector as well as producing Flood Risk Assessments Professional Management and Engineering Design Services.
We work with our Clients to realise their aspirations and plans from production of initial feasibility and concept studies through to delivery and operation.
Our substantial and varied knowledge base allows us to provide innovative and value solutions across all sectors.


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About Us

We are an experienced surveying and flood risk consultancy, committed to providing traditional surveying and technical advice. With many years of years of professional and technical experience in this sector.  We always put our customers at the heart of what we do; we are always accessible, easy to work with and communicate in plain English.

Our Customers and Clients

Our customers are government agencies, local authorities, developers, industry, utilities and private home and business owners. We strive for excellent customer service with most of our work from repeat business or recommendation. We work with our Clients to realise their aspirations and plans from production of initial feasibility and concept studies through to delivery and operation. Our substantial and varied knowledge base allows us to provide innovative and value solutions across all sectors.

What We Do...

Flood Protection (PLP/PLR) Surveys

We produce individual householder reports in line with Environment Agency guidance using the standard report detailing the flood risk, the points of entry/routes of water ingress and our recommendations for mitigation measures and priorities and if required, obtain quotations from reputable suppliers and installers. Finally, we carry out post installation surveys to confirm the products are installed as specified and issue a report to ABI standards that will help you get insurance at a price you can afford. All our surveys are carried out under the supervision of RICS Chartered Surveyors

Vulnerability, Mitigation, Adaptation, Resilience: 

Reports and analysis of future climate change and its effect on sustainability, flood protection and insurance risk. Mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change is the defining challenge of present and future generations. When it comes to assessing climate change risks to natural and social systems, institutions still face significant technical barriers. We can be key partners in overcoming this challenge. We bring multidisciplinary expertise with a particular focus on flood plain analysis, future proofing for business developments, weather and storm analysis, geographical information systems and climate down scaling. 


Buying a new home will be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make! To safeguard your purchase it is essential that a pre-purchase flood risk assessment is made, especially if the property is in a flood zone or near to one. For many years, the onus was on the buyer to carry out due diligence on the property they were purchasing to make sure there were no good reasons not to buy it. This principle was known as ‘caveat emptor’, or buyer beware.

Since 2013 however, selling a property comes under the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations. This places the onus on the seller to divulge anything that may impact the buyer’s decision on whether or not to go ahead with the purchase. If the seller omits anything  of importance (that they were aware of) ((such as flooding)) they could face prosecution, whether it was an issue they were asked about or not.

If you or your solicitor has conducted a flood search which has shown a risk, you are now able quantify that risk and obtain further advice. We offer a Pre Purchase Flood Risk Report. This service is proving very popular and we highly recommend you contact us to discuss your purchase.  The initial consultation  (15/20 mins) is free and we can discuss your options and guide you through the process. 

In these strange times and with all the social distancing regulations we have developed a desk study approach or remote assessment. By conducting this due diligence, you can complete the property purchase with your eyes wide open, knowing the risk (if any), and of course, how to better protect the property should the worst happen. We can also provide estimates for any mitigation methods if advised.

We are  RICS Chartered Surveyors   so you can rest assured of the most appropriate and professional advice

REMEMBER Over 5 million properties in the U.K are deemed to be at risk of flooding, and whether commercial or residential, we highly advise obtaining expert advice at the time of purchase. There are various types of flooding including: surface water, river, groundwater, sewer and tidal.


Early Warning flood risk analysis

Worried about flooding - we are not weather forecasters or flood hydrologists but using the best available publicly available we can assess potential severe the severity of flood events   -  Call for details

Project Management and Design of Flood Defences

We design and project manage all kinds of flood defences from residential properties to commercial properties and coastal defences

Building Forensics - Water Ingress

We also offer a specialist building forensics service for assessment of water ingress (flooding)   Ring for details

Using the latest equipment such as specialised damp meters, endoscopes  and Infra Red cameras and temperature probes we can locate and investigate areas of water ingress.

Flood Risk Assessments

Our Flood Risk Assessments are undertaken in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework and can include a simple comment on the possible method of foul and surface water disposal or, alternatively, an additional Outline Sustainable Drainage Strategy.

Flood Consequence Assessments

We have undertaken many successful projects in Wales and our Flood Consequence Assessments are undertaken in accordance with Technical Advice Note 15.

Sustainable Drainage

For some developments the Lead Local Flood Authority will expect drainage information for the site and we can include within the Flood Risk Assessment an Outline Sustainable Drainage Strategy. This will be an indicative strategy suitable for a planning application and will be based on calculations using a software tool developed by HR Wallingford to demonstrate the existing greenfield runoff rate; an appropriate surface water discharge rate: point of discharge and corresponding storage requirements.


General flood risk policy

We also provide (Policy and Consent) advice on general flood risk policy and undertake the Land Drainage Consent and Environmental Permitting Regulations applications with the Environment Agency, Lead Local Flood Authority and Internal Drainage Board.  If required by the Environment Agency or Emergency Planners we can produce a Flood Management and Evacuation Plan. At the earliest stages of your project, our Due Diligence Report will help inform your investment decisions .

We can produce the (Environmental Statement) the ES chapter in relation to flood risk and drainage.


More about property flood protection

Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee that you will never get flood water into your property, it is nature’s most devastating force and will always find a way in. Having said this, there are a wide range of products available on the market, all of which have been tested and proven effective when installed and used correctly.  ​Due to the immense pressure the water will put on the fabrics of the building, the property may be at risk of structural damage. We therefore recommend that any water that is above 1m deep (from your floor level), you allow the property to flood. If you are wanting to protect above this level you will need to get advice from a structural surveyor.  ​Your home / business is probably the most expensive thing you will purchase and so deserves to be looked after. By investing wisely in adding flood resilient products, it will have lasting effects. Not only will they help you to protect your property, they may also help with insurance and when you come to sell the property as it will stop potential buyers trying to reduce the value of it.

If you need further information or need any other advice you would like us to provide, please contact us. 


tel  07562 417687



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